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The average functional life of a sewage system is 20 to 25 years. The best ways to protect your investment and your health is through regular maintenance and care. Sanitary Septic Tank Cleaning Inc. in Columbia Station, OH offers routine pumping service in addition to several other critical septic services. We are certified in bio-kinetic filters.We also install new Septic Systems and Sewer hook ups

What We Do

We take care of everything related to your sewage or septic system from minor repairs to the installation of a new sump pump. We use a radio-dispatched truck that is equipped with an electric sewer and drain-cleaning machine. It has 9/16” cables stretching to over 100 feet. It also has two sizes of cutters that range from 2-6 inches, which clean kitchen sinks and/or sewer and drain lines. We have an array of bacteria starters and chemicals that help preserve the septic tank and drain the leach field. We also clean out restaurant grease traps! Call Sanitary Septic Tank Cleaning Today.

Our Routine Pumping Service: How and Why?

  1. Once the tank is located and the lids are uncovered, we note what the septic tank and lids are constructed of to
  2. determine quality and durability of the tank and lid materials.
  3. We check the water level in the tank to determine possible drain field problems. This would be indicated by water
  4. level higher than the outlet pipe or seepage in the soil around the lid.
  5. We then check around the drain field area (if known) to determine possible drain field problems indicated by
  6. seepage in the soil, odor, etc.
  7. We then check the inlet and outlet Ts or elbows to determine possible problems such as breakage, stoppage, a
  8. missing part or anything else that might cause a potential problem.
  9. We then pump out the septic tank to determine tank size and gallons pumped. If the individual has a dry well
  10. behind it, we would also pump that out.
  11. We blow back with vacuum pressure from the pump to remove the thick sludge that settles out on the bottom of
  12. the tank to thoroughly clean it out, checking for any structural problems, cracks, roots, etc.
  13. We then check the condition of the baffle and what it is made of.
  14. We have the tenant or owner flush the toilet to make sure there is no stoppage in the line between the house and
  15. the septic tank (if anyone is home).
  16. We note any repairs that are needed to bring the system up to code.
  17. We make any recommendations and/or comments to ensure they system will be in good working order.
  18. If there are any problems with the system, we then contact the necessary parties to show or tell them of these
  19. problems. If there are no problems, we will then cover the tank back up.

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